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As a Geriatric Care Advisor with over 20 years of healthcare experience, I take a personalized approach to serving the seniors and families of seniors throughout California. My focus is on providing personalized care options and attention to each of my clients, taking into account their unique needs, preferences, and goals.
With my background as a California State licensed Residential Care Facility Administrator since 2004 and certification in Gerontology, I have extensive knowledge of assisted living and memory care placement, as well as home care and hospice services. I understand the various stages of aging care needs associated with aging and can help my clients navigate the complex healthcare system to find the best possible care options.
My boutique approach means that I work closely with each of my clients to develop a customized care plan that meets their specific needs and budget. I provide ongoing support and advocacy throughout the entire process, from identifying suitable care options to coordinating meetings with the communities as well as assisting with paperwork.
Overall, my goal is to provide compassionate and personalized care options to seniors and their families, helping them to navigate the challenges of aging with dignity and grace. With my extensive experience and knowledge, I am confident that I can provide the highest level of service and support to those in need of long-term care solutions.

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Belinda Dolinsky- The Assisted Living Specialist

Belinda Dolinsky- The Assisted Living Specialist


The Assisted Living Specialist

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